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  • Personhood Begins at Conception

    January 15, 2014: Next week, America commemorates a grim anniversary: It was on January 22, 1973 that the Supreme Court opened the doors to legalized elective abortion-on-demand with its decision in Roe v. ... (more)

  • Giving Thanks

    November 21, 2013: This is a week we should join family and friends in giving thanks to God for His abundant and unmerited kindnesses to us. So, this edition of The Social Conservative Review will focus on ... (more)

  • Victory on Calvary

    October 30, 2013: There will never be a time when conservatives can heave a sigh of relief, sit back, and declare victory in the battle for our country and our culture.... (more)

  • Religion and Compassion

    August 21, 2013: "Religion," if reduced to being sort of a once-a-week part of one's life, a habit akin to chaanging the oil or getting a haircut, is fraudulent. Paul describes its practitioners "as holding ... (more)

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