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  • Religious Freedom and International Development: An Explainer

    by A.J. Nolte and Arielle Del Turco

    June 27, 2022: A strong correlation exists between religious freedom and economic growth. Because of this correlation, the U.S. government's foreign assistance efforts would greatly benefit from promoting international religious freedom programming and projects. If the U.S. government wants to have a long-lasting impact in the countries it seeks to strengthen, then promoting religious freedom must be a part of the solution.

  • Why Are Drag Queens Everywhere?

    by Joseph Backholm

    June 23, 2022: In a world filled with strange developments, perhaps one of the strangest is America's new fascination with connecting kids with drag queens. Evidently, like turkey at Thanksgiving, it just isn't Pride Month if there aren't any men dressed like women twerking in front of children.

  • Surging Violence Against Nigeria's Christians Demands White House Action

    by Lela Gilbert

    June 10, 2022: On Pentecost Sunday in Owo, Nigeria, a horrifying massacre took place. "Streaks of blood on the floors and walls, sandals abandoned in a desperate rush to escape, a well-thumbed Bible lying among shards of glass," Reuters reported on June 6. "Those were some of the disturbing sights inside St. Francis Catholic Church in the Nigerian town...after unknown assailants attacked the congregation with guns and explosives during Sunday mass, killing and injuring dozens of people."

  • Biden must support police officers instead of undermining them

    by Ken Blackwell

    June 3, 2022: When it comes to police reform, President Joe Biden is now caught in a trap of his own making. In an attempt to appease the radical base of his party before the midterm elections, the president recently signed an executive order that would establish a national registry of officers who've been discharged for misconduct and restrict the transfer of certain kinds of equipment to law enforcement agencies.

  • Refusing to Let the Law Tell Lies

    by Joseph Backholm

    May 31, 2022: There's been much discussion in recent years about what it means to be "conservative." The state of Oklahoma recently gave us an example of what it means to govern conservatively, and that begins by refusing to let the law tell lies.

  • Why is Nigeria No Longer a 'Country of Particular Concern'?

    by Lela Gilbert

    May 25, 2022: The recent horrifying death of Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, a Nigerian college student, focused international attention on Nigeria's Christians and their persistent abuse by radical Islamists. Thanks to social media, reports and videos of Deborah's vicious beating and burning in Sokoto were widely circulated for several days.

  • Fighting over the assets in our cultural divorce

    by Joseph Backholm

    May 11, 2022: or weeks, the nation debated over whether teachers in Florida should be allowed to talk to young children about sex. It turns out that many adults see it as a matter of human dignity. As a result, when the Florida legislature passed a law prohibiting lessons about sex and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, some teachers in the state said they would quit. One such educator, Nicolette Solomon, told NBC News, "Nobody would be able to know, which then puts me in the closet, and I'm there seven hours a day, if not more, five days a week. I wouldn't be able to be who I am."

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