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  • The Taliban Ends Women's Sports in Afghanistan

    by Arielle Del Turco

    September 13, 2021: Women's sports will no longer exist in Afghanistan under the Taliban's regime, according to the deputy head of the Taliban's cultural commission. Ahmadullah Wasiq told an Australian reporter that it was "not necessary" that women play cricket or other sports. "In cricket, they might face a situation where their face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this," he said. For the women who blazed the trail that led to the development of women's sports that did not previously exist in Afghanistan, the announcement confirmed their fears about Taliban rule.

  • In God We Trust. Government-Not So Much!

    by Ken Blackwell and Lori Roman

    September 9, 2021: Those who relish the unyielding power of the state over the individual have had a good year. Lockdowns by tyrannical governors and state and local bureaucrats, along with expansive authority seized out of thin air by the CDC and other arms of the federal government, have made America almost unrecognizable as a bastion of freedom.

  • Why Is The US Government Blocking Refugee Flights From Afghanistan?

    by Lela Gilbert

    September 3, 2021: The question is being raised everywhere - in daily emails, WhatsApp messages or texts from people on the ground in Afghanistan. "Why are our efforts being blocked?" is repeatedly voiced by NGOs, philanthropists and everyone else who is trying to help thousands of would-be Afghan refugees. Why are these refugees becoming refuseniks?

  • Is Religious Freedom a Matter a National Security?

    by Arielle Del Turco

    August 31, 2021: As thousands of desperate Afghans hope to make their way onto airplanes headed anywhere outside the country, millions more are devastated to see their country revert to strict Sharia law brutally enforced by the Taliban. This feeling of devastation isn't limited to the Afghan people. For Americans, especially those who care about religious freedom, the Taliban takeover is heartbreaking.

  • The Country Where "Missionary" Is a Curse Word

    by Arielle Del Turco

    August 30, 2021: This month the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released a new report that documents religious freedom violations occurring in North Korea. Based on interviews with North Korean survivors, witnesses, and even perpetrators of religious freedom violations, the report concludes that "the denial of religious freedom is absolute" in the hermit kingdom. This brutal reality must inform the Biden administration's foreign policy approach to North Korea.

  • We Should Celebrate How Far We Have Come From 1965

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 27, 2021: This past Tuesday, on a straight party-line vote, Congress passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act or H.R. 4. This bill is a blatant power grab and an attempt to federalize our elections. It's also an effort to make states unable to defend safeguards like voter ID in court.

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