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  • "Almost Sin" is Absolutely Wrong

    by David Closson

    March 22, 2023: President Joe Biden's commitment to the moral revolution has never been in doubt. As a candidate and now as president, Joe Biden has championed every imaginable cause of the LGBT movement. From lobbying for legislation like the Equality Act and Respect for Marriage Act to nominating outspoken activists such as Rachel Levine to influential positions in the government, the president, at every turn, has aggressively and energetically supported the objectives of LGBT activists.

  • Which Way, Anglicans? Global South Responds to Church of England Blessing Same-Sex Marriages

    by David Closson

    February 22, 2023: On Monday, twelve Anglican archbishops published a remarkable letter officially denouncing the Church of England and the leadership of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The context of this growing rift in one of the world's largest Christian denominations is the recent meeting of the Church of England's General Synod and the decision to allow priests to bless same-sex marriages and civil partnerships. The archbishops' rebuke is the first time such a large group of churches has rejected the Church of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • Fighting An Online Epidemic

    by Joseph Backholm

    February 20, 2023: A Louisiana law requiring identification before accessing pornography websites is such an obviously good idea that it is surprising no one has done it before now.

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