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  • CCP Celebrates 100 Years of Persecution

    by Bob Fu and Arielle Del Turco

    July 1, 2021: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and even state-approved churches are being compelled by the government to celebrate the centennial of the atheistic, totalitarian regime. Unfortunately for the Chinese people-and especially for religious believers-China's economic advancements and increased global prominence have been stained by religious persecution and political oppression at the hands of the CCP.

  • With the End of Apple Daily, Hong Kong's Freedoms Take Another Blow

    by Arielle Del Turco

    June 30, 2021: Hong Kong's well-known pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily was forced to run its final edition on June 24 after authorities used the new national security law to freeze the company's assets without a court order. It is yet another sign that the light of the city's freedom is flickering out. The free expression of ideas that support democracy from outlets like Apple Daily would only be considered a national security threat to a totalitarian government that fears the truth. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the Chinese government is.

  • International Community Must End Iran's Culture of Impunity for Its Leaders

    by Ken Blackwell

    June 28, 2021: With a mass murderer, Ebrahim Raisi, planted as the Iranian regime's next president, the international community should both hear the regime's message as well as send its own. Needless to say, the outcome of an undemocratic election is not inherently remarkable, not to mention that the president is completely subservient to the supreme leader, who wields ultimate power in Iran.

  • Biden must help fleeing Chinese Christians

    by Arielle Del Turco

    June 22, 2021: In 2019, a small Chinese house church's congregation fled together to South Korea in search of relief from the persecution they had endured at the hands of the Chinese government. Sadly, the South Korean government has rejected the group's asylum bids, and the once-successful Chinese Christians are relegated to working on farms as they appeal the decisions.

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