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  • It's Not Too Late to Revoke Dangerous Concessions to Iran

    by Ken Blackwell

    March 23, 2022: It was reported this week that negotiations aimed at restoring the 2015 Iran nuclear deal were "back on track" in Vienna following a brief pause that resulted from Russia's sudden imposition of new demands related to the sanctions on its invasion of Ukraine. Moscow asked that the United States provide guarantees that those sanctions no interfere with Russian-Iranian trade or security agreements. It is not clear exactly how the issue was resolved so quickly, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed to have received the relevant guarantees, and thus fueled further speculation that Western participants in the Vienna talks are readily handing out concessions to their adversaries.

  • Abortion Advocates are Resorting to Orwellian Language Games

    by Ingrid Skop and Mary Szoch

    March 22, 2022: As their radical policy regime comes under threat at the Supreme Court, abortion supporters now want to change the terms of discussion. In the name of avoiding "bias," they've begun to play Orwellian language games, instead of working to make things better for America's women and children.

  • Congress should partner with local and faith-based groups for aid

    by A.J. Nolte and Arielle Del Turco

    March 20, 2022: While Russia continues to attack civilian areas and fire projectiles at residential areas in Ukraine, it has sparked the largest humanitarian disaster in Europe since World War II. It's already estimated that one million Ukrainians have fled the country, with more on the way.

  • Is America really getting gayer?

    by Joseph Backholm

    March 16, 2022: Americans are identifying as LGBT at higher rates than ever before. At least that's what a recent poll claims. According to Gallup, the number of those who say they are something other than what God designed them to be has risen to 7.1 percent, a more than 100 percent increase from 10 years ago, when Gallup first began asking the question, and a 26 percent increase from just last year.

  • Press works overtime to smear parents

    by Tony Perkins and Meg Kilgannon

    March 15, 2022: Why would a major, international news service attempt to smear peaceful parents by linking their attendance at school board meetings to a few anonymous threats by crackpots? Take, for example, the recent Reuters investigation posted and reposted on February 15. Breathless coverage is offered under a screaming headline: School boards get death threats amid rage over race, gender, mask policies. The investigation was reposted with a corrected headline, adding "amid rage" for context.

  • Rescue International Women's Day from its Communist roots

    by Joy Zavalick

    March 8, 2022: There is nothing new under the sun - especially when it comes to communism. As Russia, a country historically steeped in Communist influence, has set the world on edge by violently invading Ukraine, it is high time for the United States to purge the evil influence of communism wherever it may be found.

  • The Precarious Circumstances of Iran's Christians

    by Lela Gilbert

    February 23, 2022: The Islamic Republic of Iran never seems to disappear from headlines, while its misdeeds persist-often out of sight and out of mind. A primary example is the regime's ceaseless abuse of religious minorities-Sunni Muslims, Zoroastrians, Baha'is, atheists and Christians, and even at times government recognized Assyrian and Armenian churches. These abuses are often hidden from view. Yet the highly respected Open Doors World Watch List consistently places Iran among the world's top 10 persecutors of Christians.

  • War on religious freedom: We must stand up for Finnish Christians facing trial for their faith

    by Tony Perkins

    February 16, 2022: While most Americans were still asleep Monday morning, Finnish member of Parliament Päivi Räsänen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola entered a courtroom in Helsinki, Finland. They are on trial for their faith in court proceedings that began three weeks ago, concluding an almost three-year-long campaign of legal harassment from the Finnish government. They and the prosecution made their final arguments Tuesday.

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