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  • Human-Animal Chimeras: Unethical and Unnecessary

    by Mary Szoch

    June 15, 2021: In the United States, the ethical considerations regarding human-animal chimeras and human embryo research are intertwined. Understanding the regulations on human-animal chimeras the United States ought to have requires a review of the United States' policies on human embryo research, an overview of what human-animal chimeras are, an analysis of the purported benefits of human-animal chimera research, and a synopsis of the ethical questions posed by creating these creatures.

  • Persecuted Iranian Christian Mary Mohammadi Votes for Truth in Her Homeland

    by Lela Gilbert

    June 14, 2021: Presidential elections in prominent countries tend to reverberate across the world. And the results sometimes echo in op-eds and interviews long after the results are announced. Certainly, the U.S. presidential election in November 2020 still remains a hot topic for discussion in some circles, and it may be so for a very long time.

  • Don't Mistake China's Three-Child Policy For Liberalization

    by Arielle Del Turco and Mary Szoch

    June 4, 2021: Following decades of forced abortions and sterilizations carried out under Beijing's infamous one-child policy, and five years of a two-child policy, Chinese couples are now allowed to have three children. But this should not be confused with a move toward liberalization. The Chinese state will do whatever suits its goals, disregarding the dignity and basic human rights of its people. For now, the government wants more future workers, so childbearing is a priority.

  • Three Reasons Congress Should Embrace International Religious Freedom

    by Arielle Del Turco

    May 31, 2021: The release of the State Department's annual International Religious Freedom Report this month confirmed the dire situation of many religious believers around the world. The evidence of widespread suffering is a call to action for world leaders, and the U.S. Congress should take note. Although the executive branch is ultimately in charge of U.S. foreign policy, members of Congress nevertheless have an influential role to play.

  • Democrats Pull Hat Trick With Dishonest Voting Rights Bill

    by Ken Blackwell

    May 26, 2021: Democrats are pushing another federal takeover of elections with the so-called John Lewis Voting Right Advancement Act. This one is a power grab forcing states to get permission from the Democrat-controlled federal government before implementing election integrity measures like voter ID and other constitutional safeguards.

  • Iran's Deadly Grip Reaches Into Africa

    by Lela Gilbert

    May 21, 2021: The latest news reports are focused on the explosive results of Iran's investment in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas-a divisive and distressing confrontation to be sure. But while all eyes are on the Middle East, Iran has not been idle elsewhere. Its persistent and growing influence in Africa has flown under the radar for many observers.

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