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  • Women, Christians and Their Powerful Resistance to Iran's Fanatical Regime

    by Lela Gilbert

    September 30, 2022: On a mid-September afternoon, the world was introduced on Twitter to a beautiful 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, also known as Jina Amini. She first appeared in hospital photographs, comatose and connected to life-support equipment, with bleeding visible in her right ear. Before long, earlier and happier photos of Mahsa were also posted, notably with her dark hair mostly covered but partially revealed.

  • Motherless or fatherless, on purpose

    by Joseph Backholm

    September 19, 2022: California Congressman Adam Schiff has introduced legislation purporting to help people struggling with infertility, but this proposed solution creates a much more serious problem. Approximately 12 percent of married women have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy, which creates emotional, physical, and even financial stress. While government can do little for the emotional stress, the U.S. government has long provided tax-deductions for infertility related expenses.

  • No Respect for Religious Liberty

    by David Closson

    September 9, 2022: On Tuesday, it was reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., might force a vote on the redefinition of marriage by attaching the so-called Respect for Marriage Act to a funding bill that must be passed if the government is to avoid a shutdown. If the Respect for Marriage Act, which passed the House in July, becomes law, it would cement same-sex marriage as federal policy, threaten religious liberty, and almost inevitably expand the definition of marriage beyond what was handed down in the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision.

  • Is Abortion an Election Game-Changer?

    by David Closson

    August 26, 2022: For months, the prevailing political wisdom was that President Joe Biden's Democratic Party was headed for a shellacking in the November midterm elections. Prognosticators across the ideological spectrum predicted gains for Republicans in key races all across the country. However, with the midterms just over two months away, there is increasing chatter that the re-emergence of abortion in the national conversation following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to reverse Roe v. Wade has bolstered the political fortunes of Democrats. The Democrats are counting on it.

  • A Transgender Power Play in California

    by Joseph Backholm

    August 8, 2022: A bill being debated in the California legislature is a cocktail of political disasters. Combining separate debates over parental rights and emergency powers, it creates one of the most direct assaults on parental rights in American history.

  • The Respect for Marriage Act is a Disaster for Religious Liberty

    by David Closson

    July 28, 2022: Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act, legislation that would officially repeal the bipartisan Defense of Marriage Act and enshrine into federal law a radical redefinition of marriage. Forty-seven Republicans joined Democrats in passing the bill, leading to speculation that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer might be able to find enough Republican votes to pass the legislation in the upper chamber.

  • Politics and the Strange Providence of God

    by Joseph Backholm

    July 11, 2022: When U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016, it felt like the beginning of the end for many conservative causes. The court was already moving left. Obergefell, the case in which liberal justices invented a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, was still fresh in our memory. Chief Justice John Roberts, the most recent Republican nominee to the court, was unreliable, and Justice Anthony Kennedy, the moderate on the bench, had become a reliable vote for the sexual revolution. Justice Scalia's death seemed likely to make the situation worse. After all, President Barack Obama was in the final year of his term and was poised to replace one of the court's most reliable conservatives with someone decidedly not conservative.

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