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  • China Aids and Abets North Korea's Abuse of Christians

    by Arielle Del Turco

    November 1, 2021: "If you tell them that you went to a church and believed in Jesus, they would not stop at just beating you." These are the words of North Korean defector Lee Kang In, quoted in a report released last week by UK-based human rights group Korea Future. The report adds substantial evidence to what the world already knows-North Korea is not just a national security threat; it is the world's worst violator of human rights.

  • A Hate Group Grows on Campus

    by Yaakov Menken and Lela Gilbert

    October 29, 2021: On Tuesday, the Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law publicly demanded the University of Massachusetts address an antisemitic incident that the university has tried to keep under wraps since June. Per the Brandeis Center, a reporter was "accosted, spat at, shoved and called a Nazi and a pig solely based upon his perceived identity as a Zionist." The culprits were local affiliates of a group familiar to anyone studying antisemitism on campus: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

  • No woman should have to get an abortion to keep her job

    by Mary Szoch

    October 28, 2021: At a community meeting last week, D.C. Assistant Police Chief Chanel Dickerson revealed that as a pregnant 18-year-old police cadet in the late 1980s, she was told to have an abortion or face termination from the program. The next day, another police officer, 24-year veteran Karen Arikpo, disclosed that she, too, had an abortion to save her job.

  • America Must Reject COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 21, 2021: The American people must never lose sight of what makes our country great as we march toward victory in our ongoing efforts to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. We must defeat this enemy while being true to our highest values, upholding the religious liberty and civil rights of our fellow citizens by rejecting vaccine mandates.

  • The Existential Threat of CRT: State-Sponsored Racism

    by Ken Blackwell

    October 21, 2021: Small victories are still victories, and worth celebrating. So, as we - all Americans - come to realize just how much critical race theory has come to permeate our discourse and our dialogues, we are fighting back. We are reclaiming that most self-evident of truths- all men are created equal.

  • The SPLC's Radical "Learning for Justice" Program

    by Meg Kilgannon

    October 14, 2021: There is a rising trend of divisive identity politics -- often marketed as "social justice education" -- being taught to America's school children. One of the organizations most responsible for this trend is the highly partisan and left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center and its Learning for Justice initiative. For the SPLC, the objective is not teaching "justice for all" but indoctrinating our nation's children with disputed ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory. Due in part to the funding and efforts of the SPLC, these theories are increasingly being presented as fact in school curricula, professional development trainings for teachers, and even policies at the school board level.

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