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  • How the United States Can Address China's Uyghur Genocide

    by Arielle Del Turco

    March 10, 2021: The Xinjiang region in northwest China is the location of the most totalitarian crackdown on a religious group in the world today. The Chinese government has herded over one million Uyghurs and other ethnic Turkic Muslims into what they call "vocational education training centers."

  • Defeat H.R. 1 Now, Deal with Supreme Court Disappointments Later

    by Ken Blackwell

    March 5, 2021: Elections have been center-stage for two weeks, starting with the Supreme Court's abdicating its duty to resolve serious problems with our elections, to former President Donald Trump's CPAC speech, to the House's passing H.R. 1 on a party-line vote. Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett disappointed the nation, but Republicans must unite to stop the illegal problems of 2020 from permanently becoming legal, which will happen if H.R. 1 passes the Senate.

  • How the “Equality Act” Is Actually Unequal, Unfair, and Unjust

    by Mary Beth Waddell

    March 1, 2021: The "Equality Act" is legislation that would massively overhaul our federal civil rights framework in order to mandate special privileges in the private sector for sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). It would add these SOGI categories alongside characteristics in civil rights statutes that are innate, inborn, involuntary, and immutable, such as age, race, national origin, or protected under the Constitution, such as religion.

  • Is the Equality Act Biden's dragonnade?

    by Joseph Backholm

    February 25, 2021: Unity has been an early theme of President Biden's term. However, one of his early legislative priorities is the Equality Act, one of the most divisive pieces of legislation ever seriously debated.

  • The 'Equality Act' Would Create a Religious 'Separate But Equal'

    by Ken Blackwell

    February 20, 2021: Last year, we heard a lot about peaceful protests that, in reality, were not peaceful. This year, we are going to hear a lot about the Equality Act that, in reality, creates inequality. If the past is any indication, proponents of the Equality Act, which is set for a Thursday vote in the House of Representatives, will shamefully attempt to usurp the civil rights movement's history and legacy as they do.

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