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  • Election Integrity: The Case For Trump's Acquittal

    by Ken Blackwell

    February 9, 2021: Today marks the beginning of former President Donald J. Trump's unconstitutional impeachment trial. Without his appearance, the media will not be able to concoct an excuse not to cover his lawyers' presentations on the constitutional and statutory violations that cast a shadow on how the November 2020 election was conducted.

  • What Trump Must Do in His Senate Impeachment Trial

    by Ken Blackwell

    February 4, 2021: We are less than a week away from a congressional event that will be a pivotal moment on our nation's history as a constitutional republic, and former President Donald Trump should use this unconstitutional impeachment trial to force a national conversation on democratic principles and election integrity.

  • What It Means that Leahy-Not Roberts, Not Harris-Will Run Trump's Senate Trial

    by Ken Blackwell

    February 1, 2021: The fact that Democrat Sen. Pat Leahy - not Chief Justice John Roberts or Vice President Kamala Harris - will preside over former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial should draw bipartisan condemnation as an assault on the very same democracy and U.S. Constitution that Democrats claim to be vindicating through that trial - and that Democrats know they're headed to a political setback.

  • Biden's Transgender Military Order Is Based On Politics, Not Facts

    by Peter Sprigg

    February 1, 2021: Among the flurry of executive orders President Joe Biden signed during his first week in office was one declaring that "gender identity should not be a bar to military service." Of course, both males and females have long been able to serve. What Biden means is that "transgender" people - those who psychologically identify with the opposite sex - should be allowed to serve, and to serve as their preferred sex.

  • On Holocaust Remembrance Day: We must confront today's antisemitism

    by Arielle Del Turco and Chris Gacek

    January 27, 2021: On this day 76 years ago, Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp where Nazi forces murdered more than 1.1 million people, the vast majority of them Jews. Greeted by starving prisoners rejoicing at their arrival, piles of corpses, and unthinkable living conditions, unknowing Soviet troops were horrified by what they saw. As more became known about its extermination center (Auschwitz-Birkenau), Auschwitz came to represent what may be the greatest anti-humanitarian crime in history: the systematic effort to destroy the Jewish people wherever they could be found on the globe.

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