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  • Religious Freedom Index Underscores Importance of Faith In American Life

    by Ken Blackwell

    December 4, 2020: Americans cherish religious freedom. And the COVID-19 crisis has reminded people of faith, especially how much they value this critical First Amendment right. For me, a Christian, the past eight months of lockdowns have underscored the importance of in-person worship or, rather, the importance of fellowship in nurturing one's spiritual life.

  • Walter Williams - A Warrior For Liberty!

    by Ken Blackwell

    December 2, 2020: Patriot. Friend. Teacher. Student. Husband. Father. Legendary thinker. Christ follower. On this day of profound mourning for Professor Walter E. Williams, it is difficult to summarize the life and legacy of my friend with only a few words.

  • When Churches Should Defy COVID-19 Restrictions

    by David Closson

    December 2, 2020: In response to an upward surge in COVID-19 cases this fall, state and local governments are issuing new mandates intended to mitigate the spread of the virus. However, some of these well-intentioned mandates unfairly target houses of worship and infringe on the religious liberty of millions of Americans. Because some state and local governments have treated churches and other houses of worship unequally during the pandemic, it begs the question:

  • A Reminder: State Legislators Have Constitutional Power Over Elections

    by Ken Blackwell

    November 27, 2020: Principles critical to the foundational freedom of this nation and its citizens must be preserved and vigorously defended regardless of who takes the presidential oath every four years. With our "three-layer cake" of government responsibilities at the federal, state, and local levels, America's unique shared governance is defined by the U.S. Constitution. After this election and its nearly endless allegations of vote fraud, no role is more important than state legislators, who hold sole power to determine election policy and procedure.

  • No Proof of Harm

    by Peter Sprigg

    November 23, 2020: Sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE), referred to by critics as "conversion therapy," have been criticized by LGBT activists for decades.

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