Community Impact


With all the diversity in the body of Christ, the churches that are having the greatest impact for the common good typically share a common conviction: there is no substitute for obeying the Great Commission and the Cultural Commission.  The body of Christ must provide persuasive moral influence in the public arena as the "salt" and must engage in personal evangelism as the "light."  There is no plan B.  There is something else these successful churches often share in common: More often than not, the churches that are reaching people for Christ have an intentional plan for evangelism and the churches making a positive impact on the moral health of their community have a ministry team devoted to this purpose as an official part of their ministry structure. 

These ministry teams are known by various different names - Christian Citizenship Committees, Salt & Light Groups, Moral Concerns Ministries, Current Issues Councils, etc. - but their function is the same: to provide in-house leadership for congregational response to the moral and social issues that impact the community, state and nation. We've chosen to call these groups Community Impact Ministries.  Regardless of what you call yours, helping you to establish an effective one in your church is our desire.