Free to Believe Broadcast

January 16, 2016

Live Broadcast at 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

Rebroadcast at 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Free to Believe Broadcast?

The Free to Believe Broadcast is a unique opportunity for your church to hear stories of individuals just like you who have been tested and have stood strong for their Religious Freedom. Learn from others about the practical ways that you can make a difference in your community. Listen to stories of how pastors, churches and culture impact teams have impacted their communities, changed legislation and raised up their church to pray and partner with others to make a difference. Hear from presidential candidates about what their views are on religious freedom.

Our freedom to believe is at stake. There are unprecedented challenges to religious freedom that have arisen under the current Administration. Use this event to gather a group of believers interested in joining or forming a Culture Impact Ministry in your church.


Is there practical hands-on participation?

YES! The four-hour broadcast is a working session that will feature stories, discussions and testimonies, with opportunities for your church to email or tweet your questions for Tony Perkins and other guests to answer during the broadcast. There will also be three opportunities for your church to break out into small groups and discuss questions.


What is the schedule? (download the schedule)

9:00 am                 Our Religious Freedom
Learn about where our religious freedom comes from and hear from heroes that have stood strong when their religious freedom is compromised.  Featuring special guests:  General Jerry Boykin, Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Mat Staver, Dr. Everett Piper, David and Jason Benham.

9:45 am                 Discussion Group
Listen to a live discussion group, or break into small groups at your church to discuss questions.

10:00 am               The Spiritual Battle is Ours – How Pastors are Taking Action
Featuring special guests: Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Dr. Steve Riggle, Pastor Mark Harris and Pastor J.C. Church

11:00 am               Discussion Group
Listen to a live discussion group, or break into small groups at your church to discuss questions.

11:15 am               Culture Impact Teams: How You Can Make a Difference
Discover how churches just like yours have stepped up to the challenge and formed Culture Impact Teams. Learn about practical ways that individuals and Culture Impact Teams have made a difference in communities across America. Featuring special guests:  John Graves, Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Dr. Mark Harris, Gina Gleason and Hank Hankins

12:30 pm              Discussion Group
Listen to a live discussion group, or break into small groups at your church to discuss questions.

12:45 pm              Closing Remarks from Tony Perkins

1:00 pm                Program Ends


What is the best location and set-up for our church to watch the broadcast?

This is a working session! We encourage your church to be comfortable and willing to roll-up their sleeves and participate. We suggest that you host the event in a fellowship hall or classroom with tables and chairs that easily facilitate note taking and group discussion. There will be three different breakout sessions during the broadcast to discuss the questions posed by the hosts. We also encourage you to take notes during the discussion time.


Where do we go to watch the broadcast?

Go to On the day of the broadcast you will see a choice of two buttons, "Watch Live Broadcast" or "Watch Rebroadcast". It will be as easy as watching a YouTube video. For technical requirements please go to the "Technical Requirements" tab.


Can we send in questions during the broadcast?

YES! You can start now! At any point before the broadcast or during the live broadcast, you can email your questions to or tweet them to @FRCDC and we will do our best to answer them during the broadcast.


Is there a hashtag to use?

Yes! We have created #freetobelieve to be used at any time to tweet about your religious freedom. Use it during the broadcast to share what you are learning, or use it at any time to share how you are #freetobelieve.


Will there be handouts for us to print and distribute?

Yes. Click here to download and print the following file.


What can I do if my church does not have a Culture Impact Team?

It starts with you. Jump in and see how you can start a team today! We have created five steps to help you. Go to and fill out the information. You will automatically be sent an email with some helpful tools to get started.